“A remarkable environment. The license plates read ‘Beautiful British Columbia’ for a reason. The Sea-to-Sky Highway carries travelers on a jaw-dropping journey from the serenity of Vancouver’s waterfront to the majesty of Whistler and Blackcomb mountains.” – The Buffalo News

Who Lives in Yaletown?

Home to Vancouver’s trendiest restaurants and nightlife as well as numerous destination retail boutiques, Yaletown is one of the significantly growing residential neighbourhoods in North America.


Yaletown is a younger to middle age, professional residential community. The area is comprised of more residents with British, Canadian and Southern European heritage than average for the city of Vancouver. English is the dominant household language for area residents; however, many other languages are commonly heard in the area, including Chinese, Spanish, Persian (Farsi), Serbian and Korean.


Household sizes in the area are smaller than the city and the Metro Vancouver average, with fewer married families and more common-law couples. The area is comprised almost completely of apartment/condominium residences, and as a result, there are significantly fewer homeowners than average for the city or Metro Vancouver. The area is more transient, with a much greater percentage of movers than the city of Vancouver and the regional averages. Yaletown also has more immigrants than the city or regional average.


Reflecting their professional occupations and higher education levels, Yaletown exhibits higher household incomes than the Vancouver or Metro Vancouver average A higher share of Yaletown residents are employed in business, finance and administration as well as management and sales and service related industries.


Source:Vancouver Economic Forum