“A remarkable environment. The license plates read ‘Beautiful British Columbia’ for a reason. The Sea-to-Sky Highway carries travelers on a jaw-dropping journey from the serenity of Vancouver’s waterfront to the majesty of Whistler and Blackcomb mountains.” – The Buffalo News

Yaletown History

More than 40,000 people have moved Downtown Vancouver in the last 15 years...this urban switch is extremely apparent specifically in Yaletown, where the densely packed high-rise condos and converted warehouses form a large part of the city's population.  This area (The north side of False Creek in the Downtown peninsula) saw a residential construction boom after 2000 which invited many to invest in these condos.


Vancouver has the fastest-growing residential Downtown in North America.  Yaletown originates from being a railyard in the late 1800's and used to be nick named the "Warehouse District" but has now taken on the new nick name *"Yuppie Town"* and is also known to many Vancouverites as "Little Soho."


The neighbourhood and lifestyle have experienced a massive revival from an industrial district and have emerged into one of Canada's trendiest residential and business communities for urban professionals, young families, retirees and foreign investors alike.  Yaletown has an abundance of hip boutiques, restaurants, galleries, parks, cafes, yoga studios and trendy bars.  The neighbourhood has gone from mostly business professionals and couples in their 20's and 30's who weren't quite ready yet to settle down and buy a house in *the burbs* to now young families as well as retirees.  There are more and more parks and people cruising the streets with their *purse dogs*.  This shift can be attributed to the added lifestyle options and benefits catering to many different types of individuals.