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Seawall Information

Cyclists fly by, tourists stroll, joggers cruise the path, rollerbladers whiz by and all Seawall outdoor enthusiasts  look out into the bay and marina...it's easy to see why the Seawall is Stanley Park's and Vancouver's most famous feature!


It's origin is an impressive 8.8 kilometre (5.5 mile) paved route that loops around the park and, along with adjoining seaside pathways, connects the park to Downtown Vancouver and skirts its entire inner waterfront. 


Created in 1917 with the goal of staving off erosion, the Seawall took 60 years to complete.  Today, it is the parks most popular walking, jogging, biking and rollerblading path, and because of its relatively flat terrain, it's a wonderful route for all ages and abilities.


The iconic and picturesque seawall has now expanded beyond the parks boundaries and encompasses 22km (14 miles) which lines Vancouver's Waterfront extending from Coal Harbour all the way to Kitsilano Beach. Whether you wish to walk, cycle, jog, rollerblade, stroll or take the Aquabus across it is the most popular recreational spot in the city.


The Seawall is divided into two clearly marked sections-one for cyclists and inline skaters (inside path) and the other for walkers and joggers (closest to the water).


You may enter the Seawall from various points in Yaletown and head to English Bay or Coal Harbour or in the other direction to Science World and Olympic Village.


You can also drive through the entire park and stop to enjoy some of the breathtaking views along the way.


It really doesn't get much better than this.